How To Convert Percentage To GPA In USA?

Students performance is measured by their Percentage of marks and Grades scored by them. The marks scored is expressed in percentage (out of 100). United States follows a Grade point system(GPA) to evaluate students performance. To indicate grade, the alphabets A,B,C,D,F are used. In US grading scale, 'A' is the highest grade and 'F' is the lowest. This tutorial will guide us on how to convert percentage to GPA as per United States of American grading scale.

Grade and Grade Point Score Table for USA:

The below chart shows the Grade and Grade Points for USA to measure students performance.

Percentage for USA
Percentage RangeGradeGrade Point
90% - 100%A4.00
80% - 89.9%B3.00
70% - 79.9%C2.00
60% - 69.9%D1.00
Below 59%F0

A student scored 61% of marks in examination. Find his equivalent grade and grade points using American Percentage To GPA Conversion Chart?


As per the above US grading scale table, the 61% mark of a Student lies in the range 60% to 69.9%. Therefore, the equivalent Grade of a Student will be D and the Equivalent Grade Point will be 1.00

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