How To Convert Percentage To Grade In UK?

Grading system is used to measure students performance.The entire United Kingdom does not use the same grading scheme to find students performance. General Certificate of Secondary Education, International Foundation Year, National Assessments 5 to 14, National courses are the different grading scale followed in United Kingdom. An average student should be in the percentage range 38% - 41%. This tutorial will guide us on how to convert percentage to grade in UK grading system.

UK Grading System Table:

The below chart shows the Grade and Grade points to measure students performane in United Kingdom(UK).

Percentage for UK
Percentage RangeGrade
70 % - 100%First
60% - 69%Upper Second
54% - 59%Lower Second
42% - 53%Third
38% - 41%Pass
Below 37%Fail

How to convert 89% mark of a student into equivalent united kingdom grade?


As per the above UK Grading Scale table, 89% mark lies in the range 70% to 100%. Therefore, the equivalent Grade of the Student will be First.

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