How To Convert Percentage To Grade In Iraq?

In Iraq, the primary, middle and higher secondary classes calculate student's grades (Grade Point Average) out of 100 percentage. Below given is the common grading system following by Iraqi schools, institutions, colleges, and universities to rate student's performance. This tutorial helps us to learn how to convert percentage (%) of marks to Grades in Iraq by using the below chart. The chart helps us to understand the common grading system followed in Iraq.

Grade Table for Iraq:

The below chart shows the Grade systemused in Iraq to measure Student's performance.

Percentage for Iraq
Percentage RangeGrade
90 % - 100%Excellent
79% - 89%Very Good
70% - 78%Good
60% - 69%Adequate
50% - 59%Acceptable
Below 49%Weak/Failure

A student has secured 56% of marks in his examination. How to convert his percentage of marks into equivalent grade in Iraq grading system?


As per the Iraq grade Chart, the percentage 56% lies in the range 50% to 59%. Therefore, the equivalent Grade of the Student will be Acceptable.

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