How To Convert Percentage to GPA in Canada?

Academic grading in Canada varies by province, level of education, institution. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan are some of the provinces which follows canadian gpa to measure student's performance. In Canadian GPA Scale, the minimum grade points is 0 and the maximum grade point is 4. This tutorial will help us to learn how to convert percentage to GPA as per the canadian grading scale with the help of Percentage To Grade Conversion Chart.

Grade and Grade Point Score Table for Canada:

The below chart shows the Grade and Grade Points to measure students performance in Canadian system.

Percentage for Canada
Percentage RangeGradeGrade Point
90% - 100%A+4.0
85% - 89.99%A-4.0
80% - 84.99%A-3.7
77% - 79.99%B+3.3
73% - 76.99%B3.0
70% - 72.99%B-2.7
67% - 69.99%C+2.3
63% - 66.99%C2.0
60% - 62.99%C-1.7
55% - 59.99%D+1.3
50% - 54.99%D1.0
Below 49.99%F0

Consider the percentage of marks scored by a Canadian student be 78%. Calculate the equivalent grade and grade points using the Canadian GPA Scale.


As per the Canadian Grade Point Chart, 78% Mark of a Student lies in the range 77% to 79.99%. Therefore, the equivalent Grade of the Student will be B+ and the Grade Point will be 3.3.

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