How To Convert Percentage To GPA In Australia?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) in Australia is the sum of grade points multiplied by unit values of subjects divided by the total number of credit points attempted. As per the Australian grading system, the grade points are represented in numerical values ranging from 0 - 7. Above 85 % is considered as high distinction and below 49 % is considered as FAIL. This tutorial will guide students on how to convert percentage to GPA in Australia using below given grade conversion chart.

Grade and Grade Point Table for Australia:

The below chart shows the Grade and Grade Points to measure student's performance in Australian Grading System.

Percentage for Australia
Percentage RangeGradeGrade Point
Above 85%HD(High Distinction)7.00
75% - 84%D(Distinction)6.00
65% - 74%Cr(Credit Pass)5.00
50% - 64%P(Pass)4.00
45% - 49%F1(Fail level1)1.00
Below 45%F2(Fail level 2)0

A student has scored 82% in his examination. Find his equivalent grade and grade points in Australian grading system?


As per the Percentage To GPA Conversion Table, 82% mark lies in the range 75% to 84%. Therefore, the Equivalent Grade for the Student who has scored 82 % will be D(Distinction) and the Grade Point will be 6.00.

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