Jarque-Bera Test Calculator

In statistics, Jarque-bera Test is named after Carlos Jarque and Anil K. Bera. It is a goodness-of-fit test used to check hypothesis that whether the skewness and kurtosis are matching the normal distribution. This test is applied before using the parametric statistical method. Provide the sample size, skewness fact and kurtosis fact to find the Jarque-Bera Test statistic.

Jarque-Bera Test Statistic Calculator

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JB = (n / 6) x [ s2 + (k2 / 4)] Where, JB = Jarque-Bera Test Statistic n = Size of Sample s = Skewness Fact k = Kurtosis Fact


A sample with n = 6, skewness and kurtosis fact as 10 and 15 will have a JB test statistic as
         = (6/6) x [10^2 + (15^2) / 4)]
         = 1 x [(100 + (225/4)]
         = 100+56.25

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