Geometric Distribution Calculator

Geometric probability is the general term for the study of problems of probabilities related to geometry and their solution techniques. It is studied from 18th century. Some Examples include 'chance of three random points on a plane forming an acute triangle', 'calculating mean area of polygonal region formed by random oriented lines over a plane'. This geometric probability calculator is used to find geometric distribution probability with total number of occurrence & probability of success.

Geometric Discrete Probability Distribution Calculation

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P(x) = qxp Where , p = Probability of success for a single trial q = Probability of failure for a single trial ( = 1-p ) x = Total Occurrence - 1


The total number of occurrences of spinning a coin is 2 and the probability of success is 0.3. What is its geometric progression?


P(x) = qxp
From the given data, we can calculate probability of failure as 1 - 0.3 = 0.7
x = (2-1) = 1
P(x) = 0.71 x 0.3
= 0.21

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