Critical Difference Calculator

Critical Difference (Least Significant Difference) is the difference in a neighbourhood's EDI vulnerability rate calculated among a group of children. The below Critical Difference Calculator helps you to assess your children's early development based on the EDI (Early Development Instrument) scales. EDI is measured using Physical health and well-being, Social Competence, Emotional Maturity, Language and Cognitive and Communication Skills of your children.

Least Significant Difference Calculator

Early Development Instrument (EDI) Scales
Critical Difference
Change in EDI Vulnerability
Critical Difference in Vulnerability
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A Critical Difference can be used in two ways: To calculate whether a change in the EDI vulnerability rate for one neighbourhood between two time periods is significant. Or, To calculate whether the difference in EDI vulnerability rates between two neighborhoods during the same time period is significant. Select the EDI scale and enter the vulnerability and population values using this Least Significant Difference calculator.

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