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The capability of the process to produce outputs within the specified limits is called as the process capability index (Cp and Cpk ). Use this online Process Capability Index Calculator to find the Potential Cp and Cpk index with USL, LSL, mean and SD. It is also known as the process capability ratio and is the ability of a process to produce output within specification limits. This Cp and Cpk calculation aids to find the potential Cp and actual Cpk index.

Process Capability Index Calculator | Cp and Cpk Calculation

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Formula :
Where, USL = Upper Specification Limit, LSL = Lower Specification Limit.


A data set has LSL and USL of 3 and 5, SD and mean of 10 and 4. What is its Cp and Cpk value?
Cp = 5 - 3 / 6 x 10
Cpk = min [(5 - 4) / 3 x 10, (4-3) / 3 x 10]
= 0.033.

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