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A mutual relationship and connection between one or more relationship is called as the correlation. The correlation coefficient is used in statistics to know the strength of one or two relations. Enter x and y value in the correlation coefficient calculator to find the correlation.

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Correlation Coefficient Formula :

Correlation(r) = NΣXY - (ΣX)(ΣY) / Sqrt([NΣX2 - (ΣX)2][NΣY2 - (ΣY)2]) Where,

N = Number of Values or Elements X = First Score Y = Second Score ΣXY = Sum of the Product of First and Second Scores ΣX = Sum of First Scores ΣY = Sum of Second Scores ΣX2 = Sum of Square of First Scores ΣY2 = Sum of Square of Second Scores

Correlation coefficient is a measure of degree between two or more variables. This measurement of correlation is divided into positive correlation and negative correlation. Positive Correlation happens when one variable increases, then the other variable also increases. Negative correlation happens when one variable decreases, the other variable also decreases. The correlation co-efficient differ from -1 to +1. Also, this correlation coefficient calculator page shows you the exclusive formula for the calculation of coefficient of correlation.

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