Combination Calculator

Different possibilities of selecting r items from a set of n items without repeating the same selection is called as combination. This calculator will help you to find the nCr with the n and r value. Here, Order is not considered. For instance, cake is a combination of flour, sugar and egg. Here order need not be considered. It can also be said as combination of egg, flour and sugar or sugar, egg and flour.

nCr Calculator

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C(n,r) = n! / ( r! (n - r)! ) Where, C(n,r) = Combinations nCr n = Number of Sample Points in Set r = Number of sample Points in Each Combination


Combination / nCr

If n is 5 and r is 3, then
nCr = 5! / ( 3! (2)! )
nCr = 5x4x3x2x1 / (1x2x3x1x2)
nCr = 20 / 2
nCr = 10

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