Coefficient of Variation Calculator

A normalized measure of the dispersion of the frequency distribution is called as coefficient of variation (COV). It can also be said as relative standard deviation (RSD). CV is widely used in analytical chemistry. This online coefficient of variation calculator is used to find the RSD for a range of values. Enter the range of values separated by a comma in the input field of relative standard deviation calculator to find the ratio of standard deviation to the mean.

Relative Standard Deviation Calculator

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Variance Coefficient Where, Cv = Coefficient of Variation σ = Standard Deviation μ = Mean

Relative Standard deviation (RSD) or Coefficient of Variation(CV) is also defined as the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean.


If the range of values are : 2,3,4

Coefficient of Variation :

The mean of 2,3, 4 is (2+3+4) / 3 = 9 / 3 = 3
SD of 2, 3,4 is 1
Hence ,
COV = 1 / 3
CV = 0.333

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