Chi Square P Value Calculator

Chi Squared test is used to find if a sample data is consistent with a hypothesized distribution. Degree of variation is the number of levels of categorical variable by subtracting one with it. P value is the probability of observing a sample statistic as close to the test static. It is the probability that shows the chi square value greater than the empirical value of the data. Use this online Chi Square P Value calculator to find the 'probability value' / chi squared test p value.

Probability Value Calculator | Chi Squared Test P value

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Formula Used:

P Value = [ 0.5df/2 / Γ(df/2) ] x (Χ2)(df/2) -1 x e- Χ2/2
Where df = Degrees of Freedom Χ2 = Chi Square

Chi-square is a statistical test performed to determine the difference between the observed and the expected data under the specific hypothesis. Make use of this simple online statistic Probability value calculator to compute the chi squared test P value.

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