CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator performs the calculation of the cumulative grade point average value obtained by the students in all the subjects. The Grade Points obtained in all the subjects are calculated along with the total number of credit hours you have attempted. In the below CGPA calculator, select the grade, grade point and percentage for the required subject and click on "Calculate" button to get the overall Cumulative Grade Point Average value.

Cumulative Grade Point Average Value

SubjectGradeGrade PointPercentage
Social Science%
Optional 1%
Optional 2%

Overall Percentage :

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The Cumulative Grade Point Average value calculation results in the average of grade points credited in all subjects.
CGPA value and Percentage of Marks can be assessed as follows:
1. Subject wise indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 x GP of the Subject.
2. Overall indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 x CGPA

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