Bonferroni Correction Calculator

A correction made to P values when few dependent (or) independent statistical tests are being performed simultaneously on a single data set is known as Bonferroni correction. In this calculator, obtain the Bonferroni Correction value based on the critical P value, number of statistical test being performed. This correction can be used to adjust confidence intervals and there are many more powerful methods than the bonferroni correction to control the familywise error rate.

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α' = 1 - ( 1 - α ) 1/k Where, α' = Bonferroni Correction α = Critical P Value k = Number of Test


What is the Bonferroni Correction value if the number of tests is 12 and the critical p value is 0.4


α' = 1 - ( 1 - α ) 1/k
= 1 - (1 - 0.4)1/12
= 0.042

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