Bell Curve Calculator

An interesting online bell curve calculator which helps to draw Bell Curve online and calculates the normal distribution value for the given mean and standard deviation values. Normal distribution, is also known as Gaussian distribution, which is used in social sciences to represent real-valued random variables whose distribution are not known. In this calculator, you can set the whether the curve should be 'left tailed' or 'right tailed' or 'two tailed' by entering appropriate values lesser than or greater than X. After entering the values into the Normal Distribution Curve Generator, click calculate to see the guassian distribution value and the curve for the given values.

Normal Distribution Curve Generator | Draw Bell Curve Online

Left Tailed
Right Tailed
Two Tailed
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Formula :

X < mean = 0.5-Z X > mean = 0.5+Z X = mean = 0.5 Z = (X-m) / σ Where, m = Mean σ = Standard Deviation X = Normal Random Variable

This bell curve calculator/normal distribution curve generator will help you dynamically to calculate the Gaussian distribution value and to draw bell curve online.

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