75th Percentile Calculator

Given here is a simple online Third Quartile Calculator tool for the calculation of 75th percentile for a set of statistical data. The 3rd quartile is equal to the 75th percentile or 0.75-fractile (there is no fourth quartile). Example, the third quartile means that 75% of the observations falls below that point. Just input the statistical data in the below 75th Percentile Calculator which will automatically update you with the 3rd quartile rank and percentile value.

Third Quartile Calculator

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R = 0.75 x (N+1) Where, R = Percentile Rank N = Number of Data


Find the 75th percentile rank for scores such as : 92,89,91,75


R = 0.75 x (N+1)
= 0.75 x (4+1)
= 3.75

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