List of Perfect Squares for First 100 numbers

This page shows the list of perfect squares for first 100 numbers. A perfect square is anything raised to a power of 2. In this perfect square of numbers chart, you could see here the numbers and their squares. For example: the square of number 2 is 4 and number 32 is 1024.

Perfect square is nothing but the result of squaring the same integer. The numbers 4, 9, 16, and 25 are a few examples of perfect squares. Refer this free online list of perfect squares for first 100 numbers chart to make your calculations simple and save your time. If a square number is obtained with the product of two equal integers, it is said to be a perfect square, that is 25 is a perfect square which is obtained from 5 × 5 (product of equal integers). It is an element of algebraic structure equal to the square of another element. A square number is a perfect square integer.

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