Football Stats Calculator

Association football, which is also referred as football or soccer, is a sport played among two teams with eleven players each. Calculate the offense and defense soccer statistics of league standings for 'n' number of teams by entering the inputs in the offense and defense data field.

Football / Soccer Statistics Calculator

Defense Calculation
Shots on Goal =
Goals Scored =
Games Won in Goal =
Games Lost in Goal =
Offense Calculation
Scoring Attempts (Shots on Goal) =
Goals Scored =
Team Games Won =
Team Games Lost =
Defense Calculation Results
Goalie Games Won Percentage =
Goalie Saves =
Saves Percentage =
Saves Ratio =
Offense Calculation Results
Scoring Percentage =
Scores Ratio =
Games Won Percentage =
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Formula Used:

The football / soccer stats calculation can be calculated using these forumulae.

Defense Formula :

Goalie Games Won Percentage = Games Won / ( Games Won + Games Lost ) Goalie Saves = Shots On Goal - Goal Scored Saves Percentage = Goalie Saves / Shots On Goal Saves Ratio = Shots On Goal / Goalie Saves

Offense Formula :

Scoring Percentage = ( Scoring Attempts - Goals Scored ) / Scoring Attempts Scoring Ratio = Shots On Goal / Goals Scored Games Won Percentage = Team Games Won / ( Team Games Won + Team Games Lost )

Thus, the offense and defense stats calculation is made easier by football stats calculator.

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