Surface Area of a Prolate Spheroid Calculator

Spheroid is also known as ellipsoid of revolution. It is a sphere-like which is not perfectly spherical body. It is formed by rotating any the ellipse with any of its principal axes (major or minor). Spheroid are of two types. This online surface area of a prolate spheroid calculator can be used to calculate the prolate spheroid's surface area from the known semi axes values a and b. The area outside the prolate spheroid surface can be calculated using the below given formula.

Calculate the Surface Area of a Prolate Spheroid

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Surface Area of a Prolate Spheroid S = 2Π(a2+[(a × b × e) / sin(e)]) e = arccos(a / b) Where, a = Semi Axes S = Surface Area of a Prolate Spheroid b = Semi Axes e = Eccentricity


A prolate spheroid has semi axes 'a' and 'b' as 3 and 5m.
Eccentricity = arccos ( 1 / 5)
e = 1.369 radians
Surface Area = 2 x 3.14 x (32 + [(3 x 5 x 1.369) / sin(1.369)])
e = 165.7931 m2

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