Aquarium Gallons Calculator

Hexagon is a 6-sided polygon whose total of the internal angles is 720°. Below is the online calculator used to find the hexagon shape fish tank size in US, UK Gallons and in Litres. Just enter the Length of One Side and the Fish Tank Height to see the volume of hexagon aquarium.

Hexagonal Fish Tank Volume Calculation

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Hexagon Aquarium Volume Aquarium Size (US Gallons) = ((3 x √3 / 2 x Length of One Side2 in Inch) x Height in Inch) / 231 In UK Gallons = s x 0.833 In Litres = s x 3.785 Where, s = Aquarium Size (In US gallons)


A fish tank with length 10 m, height 7 m will have a volume of
volume = ((3 x √3 / 2 x 102) x 7
volume = 7.873 gallons

In UK gallons ,
volume = 7.873 x 0.833
volume = 6.5582

In Litres,
Volume = 7.873 x 3.785
volume = 29.7992

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