Circle Calc : Find C

A Circle is a round plane geometrical figure. Eg: Wheel, Ring etc., The distance around a circle, on the other hand, is called the circumference (c). Use the below circumference of a circle calculator to find C with the known value of radius. Just enter the radius of the circle in the circle calc and the tool will automatically update you with the value of the circumference of a circle (c). The circumference is calculated using the formula 2 x π x r.

Circumference of a Circle Calculator

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C = 2 x π x r Where, C = Circumference of a Circle r = Radius


A Circle has its radius as 10 cm. Find C ?


C = 2 x pi x r
= 2 x 3.14 x 10
= 6.28 x 10
= 62.8 cm

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