Recurring Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Here is a simple online Recurring Decimal to Fraction Calculator to convert from Repeating Decimal to Fraction. Recurring decimals are numbers which have an infinitely repeating number after the decimal point. Recurring decimals could be separated as the non-recurring part and the recurring part. The number that recurs infinitely is the recurring part. In the below Recursive Fraction Converter enter the values for recurring part and non-recurring part and click calculate to find the result.

Recursive Fraction Converter | Repeating Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Rules for Specifying Input
2/9 will result in 0.2222222...... This is called as recurring decimal. To use this calculater insert the recurring part and non-recurring part in specified columns.

a) If you have 0.22222... as decimal, insert the non recurring part 0 in non-recurring field and 2 in recuring field.

b) If you have 2.56231231... as decimal, insert the non recurring part 2.56 in non-recurring field and mixed recuring number 231 in recuring field.
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What rational number or fraction is equal to 0.7777777


Step: 1
Let us consider, x = 0.7777777.
Place the repeating digit ( 5 ) to the left of the decimal point (i.e) x = 7.7777777
Step: 2
Multiply the above equation by 10.
10x = 7.7777777
Step: 3
Subtract Step 1 & Step 2
10x - x = 7.7777777 - 0.7777777
9x = 7
Divide both sides by 9
x = 7/9

Follow the example for Conversion or repeating of decimal fraction into vulgar fraction in this Recurring Decimal to Fraction Calculator. For example 0.333.. is a recursive number and could be represented as a fraction such as 1/3.

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