Math Puzzles

Play with these simple easy mathematical and logical puzzles. Enjoy the Logic and Math Puzzle.

Mathematical and Logical Puzzles

Puzzle 1: Honey Bottle
A bottle fully contains honey. The honey bottle weighed 1.5kg. Then the bottle was weighed with half of the honey, it was 900 grams. Now guess what would be the weight of the bottle?


Puzzle 2: Apples
Jack sells apples in the market. First day he sells 1234 apples. Second day he sells 1456 apples. On the third day, he sells 134 less than the second day. How many apples are sold in three days?


Puzzle 3: Strawberry
Jennifer arranged for a party and had a basket full of strawberries. She ate 5 strawberries before the party and gave a friend 3. Eight girls came to the party. First girl took one strawberry, second one took three strawberries, third took five strawberries and so on. The basket was empty after the last person took hers. How many strawberries did Jennifer had?


Puzzle 4: Basketball
Jeff, Martin, Benoit and Rock played basketball and scored different points as 24, 10, 6 and 28. Jeff scored 4 times as many points as Rock. Martin scored more points than Benoit and Rock.


Puzzle 5: Marbles
Ricky had a bag containing colorful marbles. The colors are red, green and blue. The total number of marbles he had in his bag is 60. There are 4 times as many red marbles as green marbles. 6 more blue marbles than green marbles. How many marbles of each color did Ricky have?


These are simple easy mathematical and logical puzzles. Enjoy it with Fun!

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