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An integer which is divisible only by itself and one is called as prime number. If the integer has more than two factors then it is called as composite number. 1 is neither a prime nor a composite number. Any even number other than two will be not be a prime number. This Online prime or composite numbers calculator is used to find whether the entered number is prime or composite. For example, 347 is a prime number whereas, 345 is a composite number.

Find Prime or Composite Numbers

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Find whether the numbers 5 and 6 are Prime or Composite Number?
Solution : To find the primality of 5 and 6, first we need to find the factors of the numbers

5 = 1x5
6 = 1x6, 2x3 , 3x2

5 has only 1 and 5 as its factors. Hence it is prime number.
6 has more than 2 factors. Hence it is a composite.

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