Specific Heat Calculator Online

Specific heat temperature refers to the total amount of heat required to raise the unit mass of a substance's temperature by one degree. Water possess higher specific heat capacity compared to other materials like alcohol, air, stone and metal. Temperature increases when heat is added to the substance. Use this online specific heat calculator to find the specific heat Capacity of a material with temperature change, mass of the body and quantity of heat.

Specific Heat Capacity Calculation With Temperature

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Specific Heat Capacity = Q / m x Δt
Where, Q = Quantity of Heat m = Mass of Object Δt= Temperature Change


Find the specific heat capacity of an object with mass 30 g, heat quantity 20 J with the temperature change of 15 degree celsius.
SHC = 20 / (0.03 x 15)
= 44.4444 J / kg°C

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