Air Density Calculator

Air density is the mass per unit volume of Earth's atmosphere. When the altitude increases, density of air decreases. It also changes with the variation in temperature or humidity. It is typically used in many branches of science such as aeronautics, air-conditioning, atmospheric research and meteorology. The density of the air at sea level is approximately 1.225 kg/m3.Use the air density calculator to find the density of air by providing the absolute temperature and pressure.

Density of Air Calculation

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ρ = p / (Rspecific x T) Where, ρ = Air Density p = Absolute Pressure Rspecific = Specific Gas Constant for Dry Air (287.058 J/kg.K) T = Absolute Temperature


Calculate air density if the absolute temperature is 15 degree celsius and absolute pressure is 23 Pa.

Density of Air Calculation:

ρ = p / (Rspecific x T)
= 23 / (287.058 x 15)
= 0.0003 kg/m3

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