Absolute Magnitude of Stars Chart

This page shows the absolute visual magnitude table which provides information about the size of the stars. The magnitude of the stars is measured using its brightness or vice versa. When the magnitude of star is negative, it is comparatively larger than stars with positive magnitude. For example, from the below absolute magnitude of stars chart, the absolute magnitude of Canopus is -2.5, which means that it is bigger and brighter than Sun of magnitude 4.2.

Absolute Visual Magnitude Table

Stars Name Absolute Magnitude
Sun 4.2
Sirius 1.4
Canopus -2.5
Rigil Kentaurus (Alpha Centauri) 4.4
Arcturus 0.2
Vega 0.6
Capella 0.4
Rigel -8.1
Procyon 2.6
Achernar -1.3
Betelgeuse -7.2
Hadar -4.4
Acrux -4.6
Altair 2.3
Aldebaran -0.3
Antares -5.2
Spica -3.2
Pollux 0.7
Fomalhaut 2.0
Becrux (Beta Crucis) -4.7
Deneb -7.2
Regulus -0.3
Adhara -4.8
Castor 0.5
Gacrux (Gamma Crucis) -1.2
Shaula -1.2
Proxima Centauri15.45
Barnard's Star13.24

The absolute magnitude of stars chart shows the list of brightest stars with the corresponding absolute magnitude where sun has the absolute visual magnitude of 4.2, Sirius with 1.4 and so on.

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