Sound Power Level Chart

The Sound Power is defined as the energy rate of sound emitted per unit of time from any sound source. The normal hearable sound level for Human beings spans from 10-12 W to 10 - 100 W, a range of 10 / 10-12 = 1013. The below given Sound Power Level Chart provides you with the Sound Power and the Sound Power Level from some common sound sources. This Table of Sound Level of Sound Sources helps us to know the power levels of different sound sources.

Table of Sound Level of Sound Sources

Situation and Sound Source Sound Power(W) Sound Power Level (dB ref 10-12 W)
Saturn V Rocket 100,000,000 200
Project Artemis Sonar 1,000,000
Turbojet Engine 100,000 170
Turbofan Aircraft at take-off 1,000 150
Turboprop Aircraft at take-off 100 140
Machine Gun Large Pipe Organ 10 130
Symphony Orchestra Heavy Thunder Sonic Boom 1 120
Rock Concert Chain saw Accelerating Motorcycle 0.1 110
Lawn Mower Car at Highway Speed Subway Steel Wheels 0.01 100
Large Diesel Vehicle 0.001 90
Alarm Clock 0.0001 80
Noisy Office Vacuum Cleaner 10-5 70
Busy Restaurant Hair Dryer 10-6 60
Quiet Office Average Home 10-7 50
Refrigerator Low Voice Quiet Home 10-8 40
Quiet Conversation Broadcast Studio 10-9 30
Whisper Wristwatch Ticking 10-10 20
Human Breath 10-11 10
Reference Value 10-12 0

The above Sound Power Level Chart lists various sound sources or situations and provides with the sound power and sound power level of these sources in the chart.

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