De Broglie Wavelength Calculator

Wavelength is the distance between one peak of a wave to its corresponding another peak which has same phase of oscillation. It is represented by λ. The wavelength of a wave traveling at constant speed is given by λ = v/ f. In 1923, Louis De Broglie found that objects exhibit a wave nature and derived De Broglie equation to find 'λ' considering Plank's constant and Momentum (mv). Use this De Broglie Wavelength Calculator to find the wavelength of a particle.

De Broglie Equation Calculator

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De Broglie Equation:

l = h / p m=h/(l×v) v=h/(m×l) Where, l=Wavelength h = Planck's Constant equal to 6.62607004 x 10-34 p = Momentum of Particle (equal to m*v) m=Mass v=Velocity


Calculate the Wavelength of a particle having mass of 50 kg and velocity 20 m/s using De Broglie Wave Equation ?


= ( 6.62607004 x 10-34 ) / ( 1000)
= 6.62607004 x e-37

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