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Physics is an interesting and important branch of Science, that studies about matter. It is the study and analysis of nature and universe. Hence it is also called the natural science. Here are the sub-branches of physics and the calculators under the respective headings. Use our online Physics Calculators and make your calculations simple.

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines of science. Branches of Physics include Classical Physics, Mechanics, Astrodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Electromagnetism, Fluid Mechanics, Geophysics, Thermodynamics and more. Below is a vast collection of Physics calculators online based on almost all the branches of Physics. Make use of these user-friendly calculators from basic level to advanced to solve your academic and engineering questions with ease. You could find here physics calculators classified under relevant branches such as mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, the structure of atoms and so on.

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