Drip Calculator

A dripping faucet is a serious issue that will have a serious impact on future. Even though everyday drips from faucet looks like the small amount of wastage, on the whole, it adds up to a plenty amount of water. That huge amount of water if properly saved can be utilized in future during the situation of water scarcity. Use this online drip calculator to know how much water does a dripping faucet wastes and plan accordingly to save the priceless water for future use.

How Much Water Does a Dripping Faucet Waste?

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Dripsday = 1440 * a * b * c Litersday = Dripsday / 4000 Gallonsday = Dripsday / 3.785 Gallonsyear = Gallonsday * 365 Where, a = Number of drips per minute b = Number of faucets in each home c = Number of homes


Calculate drips per day, liters per day, Gallons per day, Gallons per year for the number of drips per minute as 5, number of faucets in each home as 4 and number of homes as 3.


Drips Per Day = 1440 x 5 x 4 x 3
= 86400
Liters Per Day = 86400 / 4000
= 21.6
Gallons (US) Per Day = 86400 / 3.785
= 5.7067
Gallons (US) Per Year = 86400 x 365
= 2082.959

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