Peclet Number Calculator

Peclet Number is a dimensionless number relating the rate of advection of a flow to its rate of diffusion, often thermal diffusion. Here we can calculate for Peclet Number, Velocity, Density, Heat Capacity, Characteristic Length, Thermal Conductivity.

Peclet Number Calculation

I want to calculate
Velocity(v) = m/s
Density(ρ) = kg/m3
Heat Capacity(cp) = J/kg-K
Characteristic Length(D) = m
Thermal Conductivity(k) = W/m-K
Peclet Number(Pe) =
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Peclet Number: Peclet Number: Velocity: Density: Heat Capacity: Characteristic Length: Thermal Conductivity: where, Pe = Peclet Number, v = Velocity, ρ = Density, cp = Heat Capacity, D = Characteristic Length, k = Thermal Conductivity.

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