Nusselt Number Calculator

The Nusselt number is the ratio of convective to conductive heat transfer across the boundary. Here we can calculate for Nusselt Number, Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient, Characteristic Length, Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid.

Nusselt Number Calculation

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Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient(h) = W/m2-K
Characteristic Length(L) = m
Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid(k) = W/m-K
Nusselt Number(Nu) =
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Nusselt Number: Nusselt Number: Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient: Characteristic Length: Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid: where, Nu = Nusselt Number, h = Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient, L = Characteristic Length, k = Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid.

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