Hydraulic Resistance Calculator

Hydraulic Resistance is the Resistance to the flow of liquid. It is denoted by 'R', which is the ratio of pressure difference to the change in flow. The two types of hydraulic resistance are friction resistance and local resistance. The flow resistance can be calculated for both circular and rectangular channel. Use this online Hydraulic resistance calculator to calculate flow resistance of rectangular channel using viscosity, length, width, height of a rectangle as inputs.

Calculate Flow Resistance of Rectangular Channel

N s/m2
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R = (12 × m × l) / ( (w × h3) × (1 - ( ( 0.630 × h) / w ) ) ) Where, R = Hydraulic Resistance m = Dynamic Viscosity l = Rectangular Cross Section Length w = Cross Section Width h = Cross Section Height


Calculate the Hydraulic resistance of a fluid in a rectangular channel having viscosity = 25N s/m2, Length = 12m, Width = 6m, Height = 5m ?

Hydraulic Resistance

= 12 x 25 x 12 / (6 x 53) x (1 - (0.630 x 5) / 6)))
The Flow Resistance of Rectangular Channel =10105263.1579 1/m2

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