Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient Calculator

Darcy's law is a simple proportional relationship between the instantaneous discharge rate through a porous medium, the viscosity of the fluid and the pressure drop over a given distance. Here we can calculate for Darcy's Law Hydraulic Gradient.

Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient Calculation

Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient Calculator
I want to calculate
Pressure Head at Point 1(h1) = m
Pressure Head at Point 2(h2) =
Length of Column(l) = m
Hydraulic Gradient(i) = m
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Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient: Hydraulic Gradient: Pressure Head at Point 1: Pressure Head at Point 2: Length of Column: where, i = Hydraulic Gradient, h1 = Pressure Head at Point 1, h2 = Pressure Head at Point 2, l = Length of Column.

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