Broad Crested Weir Calculator

Calculate the water flow rate of a channel's full width by using broad crested weir calculator

Broad Crested Weir Calculation

Width of the Weir (b) = m
Head 1 on the Weir (h1) = m
Head 2 on the Weir (h2) = m
Discharge Constant (Cd) =  
Water Flow Rate (q) = m³/s
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Formula q = Cd × b × h2 × (2g (h1 - h2) )1/2 Where, q = Water Flow Rate Cd = Discharge Constant b = Width of the Weir g = Gravity (9.81 m/s²) h1, h2 = Head 1 and Head 2 on the Weir

Broad crested weir calculator is suitable for measuring the flow rate of higher downstream water levels. Easy and simple to use.

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