Self Inductance of Coil Calculator

Self Inductance is a phenomenon in which the rate of change of electric current in a coil will produce an induced electromotive force in the coil itself. It is a ratio between the induced EMF across a coil to the rate of change of current through this coil. It is also called as Coefficient of Self-induction. Use self inductance of coil calculator to calculate the self inductance of the coil based on the induced electromotive force and rate of change of current.

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I = E / C Where, I = Inductance E = Induced Electromotive Force C = Rate of Change of Current

In case of self inductance, the voltage is self-induced, as the change in the current creates a magnetic field, which directly induces the voltage in the same circuit. Such inductance can be easily calculated using this self inductance of coil calculator.

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