Mutual Inductance Calculator

Mutual Inductance happens when the change of current in a conductor changes or induces the inductor of the nearby conductor. Mutual inductance calculator is an online calculator to find the mutual Inductance of the two inductors based on the coupling coefficient of k. In the other words, it is the ratio of induced electro motive force across a coil to the rate of change of electric current of another adjacent coil, thus the two coils gets chances of flux linkage.

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I = K × √( L1 × L2 ) Where, I = Inductance K = Coupling Coefficient L1 = Inductance L2= Inductance

Mutual inductance is used as a basic operation in the transformer, motors, generators and any other electrical component that interacts the current with the nearby magnetic field. Mutual inductance calculator helps you to calculate such inductance which is used as a basic operation in electrical components.

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