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Line of Sight Tutorial


Line of Sight is an imaginary line that exists between two objects. Radio transmissions require a clear path between antennas known as radio Line of Sight.

Formula :
Line of Sight = √ (2*height1) + √ (2*height2)
Example :

Consider the below example to learn how to calculate the LOS. The 1st station antenna height is 250 feet and the 2nd station antenna height is 350 feet, and then find the total Line of Sight for these two stations and distance of station's radio horizons?

Given ,

Antenna height of station 1 =250 feet Antenna height of station 2 = 350 feet


Substitute the above given values of Station1 and Station2 in the formula, = √ (2*height) = √ (2*250) = 22 Miles . = √ (2*height) = √ (2*350) = 26 Miles . Line of Sight = 22 + 26 = 48 Miles.

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Learn how to calculate the Line of Sight with this tutorial, given with the definition, formula and example.

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