Learn How to Calculate Q Factor - Tutorial, Definition, Formula, Example

How to Calculate Quality (Q) Factor - Tutorial


Q-factor is nothing but the relationship between stored energy and the rate of energy in electrical components, devices. The ratio of the reactance in ohms divided by the resistance in ohms is defined as the quality factor.

Formula :
Quality Factor (Q) =2*Π*F*L / R

Π=3.1415929203539825 F=Frequency of Circuit L=Capacitance Value R=Resistance Value


Find out the Q factor for the circuit which has capacitor 3 uF and resistor 7 ohms with frequency 10 Hz


Frequency (F) = 10 Hz Capacitance(L) = 3 uF Resistance (R) = 7 ohms

To Find,



Substitute the given values in the formula to find the value of Q-factor,

Quality Factor (Q) =2*Π*F*L / R
= (2*22/7*10*3) / 7
= 360 / √(360*360+60*60)
= 757.88

Learn how to calculate the Q factor from this tutorial, given with the definition, formula and example.

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