Learn Lorentz Force Law - Electromagnetic Force Tutorial

How to calculate Lorentz / Electromagnetic Force Law - Definition, Formula and Example


A force that emerges in the point particle because of electromagnetic fields is termed as the Lorentz force.

F = q [ E + (v * B)]

An electron travels with velocity 500 m/s in the i direction, through a point in space where the Electromagnetic field is 0.111 T in the j direction. The Electric Field on this point is 250 volt/meter with the charge of 5 coulomb . What is the Force on this electron direction?

Step 1:

Assign the values according to the formula and begin the calculation.

Step 2:

5 ( 250 + 500 x 0.111)

Step 3:

5 (250 + 55.5)

Step 4:

5 (305.5)

Step 5:

Force derived is '1527.5 newton'

This tutorial will help you dynamically to calculate the Learn Lorentz Force Law - Electromagnetic Force.

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