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Antenna is an electrical device used to convert electrical power in to radio waves and vice versa. Antennas are equipped with radio transmitters and receivers. Transmitters provide oscillating electrical energy on to the antenna which radiates them as electromagnetic waves. While radio receivers receive the electromagnetic waves (radio waves) as mild oscillating electrical signals through antenna and amplify them.

Length of the Dipole Antenna Calculation

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l = 468 / f e = l / 2 t = e / 2 h = t / 2 Where, l = Total Length of Dipole f = Frequency e = Length of Each Dipole t = Length of Tee Side h = Length of Half Tee Side

The dipole antenna has two wires. Each wire has one end connected to antenna and the other end is left free. The free end of each wires are pointed towards opposite direction of the other free end. This online calculator can be used to find the length of the dipole antenna.


Dipole Antenna

Calculate the dipole length, If the frequency is 12 Mhz.

    Total Length of the Dipole = 468 / 12
         = 39

    Length of Each Dipole = 39 / 2
         = 19.5

    Length of Tee Side = 19.5 / 2
         = 9.75

    Length of Half Tee Side = 9.75 / 2
         = 4.875

Therefore, total length of the dipole is 39 feet , length of each dipole is 19.5 feet , length of tee side is 9.75 feet and length of half tee side is 4.875 feet

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