PC Power Consumption Calculator

Calculate the electricity usage of your computer system using this online PC power consumption calculator.

PC Power Consumption Calculation

Default Processor Speed : (MHz)
Default Processor Vcore Voltage : (V)
Default Processor Wattage : (W)
Overclocked Processor Speed : (MHz)
Overclocked Processor Vcore Voltage : (V)
C/W Value : (C/W)
Case Temperature : (C)
Overclocked Wattage : (W)
Processor Temperature :
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Formula Used

CPU Overclocked Watts = Default Watts x ( S0 / S ) * ( V0 / V ) ^ 2. Where, S0 = Overclocked Processor Speed, S = Default Processor Speed, V0 = Overclocked Processor Vcore Voltage, V = Default Processor Vcore Voltage. Processor Temperature = ( C/W Value x Overclocked Wattage) + Case Temperature.

PC power consumption and CPU Overclock watts calculation is made easier here.

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