Coil Inductance Calculator

Inductors are also referred as reactors. Use our online coil inductance calculator to find Inductance of the Coil of wire based on the number of turns, loop diameter, wire diameter, relative permeability and the permeability of the free space. You can select the units for the loop and wire diameter from the drop down. Coil inductance calculator helps to calculate the inductance which is the ability to produce and store energy in a magnetic field.

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Inductance = n2 × μo × μr × ( l / 2 ) × ( ln( ( 8 × l ) / d) -2) Where, N = Number of Turns μr = Relative Permeability L = Loop Diameter(m) D = Wire Diameter(m) μo = Permeability of Free Space(4 × π × 10-7)

Inductors are used to store the electrical energy in the magnetic field when the electric current is passing through it. Inductance is the property of the inductor and such can be calculated using coil inductance calculator.

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