Area of a Coil Calculator

Wires are wounded around the inductors and electromagnets to produce inductance. Large turns of wire in the coil produce greater amount of magnetic field force and high inductance while fewer turns produce low inductance. Use the online calculator to find the cylindrical coil area by providing the number of turns, Core Material Permeability, inductance and coil length.

Cylindrical Coil Area Calculation

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Area of a Coil= (Average Coil Length x Inductance ) / ( N² x μ )
Where, N = Number of Turns of the Wire Coil μ = Core Material Permeability


A 10 m cylindrical coil with inductance 5 H, permeability 7, having 8 number of turns will have an area of
= ( 10 x 5 ) / ( 64 x 7 )
= 0.1116 m2

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