Carbon Footprint Calculator

Online calculator to calculate average carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per year. You can get an approximate view of how many tons of CO2 get emitted from your day-to-day activities.

Calculate Average Carbon Dioxide Emission Per Year

Activities Values Average CO2 emitted / year (kg)
How many people are in your household  
Transportation within city
By motorcycle in a week km
By car in a week km
By bus in a week km
Transportation outside city
By car in a year km
By bus in a year km
By train in a year km
By aeroplane in a year km
Household Electricity Consumption
Incandescent Bulb bulbs for hrs/day
Tube-light lights for hrs/day
Fan fans for hrs/day
Personal Computer hrs/day
Laptop hrs/day
Television hrs/day
DVD Player hrs/day
Washing Machine hrs/day
Microwave Oven hrs/day
Refrigerator hrs/day
Water Heater hrs/day months in a year
Air Conditioner hrs/day months in a year
Air Cooler hrs/day months in a year
Average CO2 emission per year
[Note: Divide total annual household emissions by 1000 to convert annual carbon dioxide emissions from kilograms to tonnes.]
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Carbon footprint calculation is made easier here.

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