Antenna Polarization Calculator

Polarization of the wave radiated by an antenna is known as antenna polarization. Use this simple online calculator to calculate antennas linear, circular and elliptical polarization.

Calculate Polarization of an Antenna

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E x = a ×Cos(ωt - β z) E y = b × Cos(ωt - βz + phi) Where, β = 2 π / λ E x =Electric Field X-axis E y = Electric Field Y-axis a = X axis value b = Y axis value z = Z axis value ω = Angular Frequency t = Time Period n = Number of values λ = Wave length Polarization Conditions 1. Linear phi = n × π 2. Circular phi = (n + 1) × π / 2 and a = b 3. Elliptical phi = (n + 1) × π / 2 and a ≠ b This tool will help you dynamically to calculate the Antennas Polarization

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