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Velocity is the physical term for speed. Its SI unit is meter/second (m/s). Velocity, time and distance are inter-related to each other. Use the below velocity time distance calculator to calculate time and distance along with the velocity of moving objects. By knowing any two values, we can calculate the other one. In the below velocity calculator select the one you want to calculate (velocity, time or distance) and enter values for the remaining two.

Calculate Time and Distance

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Velocity Time Distance Formula:

Velocity = Distance / Time Time = Distance / Velocity Distance = Velocity * Time


If a car travels 600m in 15 seconds how fast is it going?
Velocity = 600/15
= 40m/s

The velocity of a moving object is found using the formula v = Distance / Time. Theoretically, it is stated as the change in position of an object divided by time.

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