Magnitude of the Total Initial Momentum of the Two Block System Calculator

Momentum is defined as the 'Power' when an object is moving. Momentum increases with velocity. Both masses of the object and velocity affect the momentum of an object. Here is the online Magnitude of the total initial momentum of the two block system calculator to calculate the magnitude of the total initial momentum of two blocks with mass and velocity. Enter the values of mass and velocity of two blocks and click on calculate to know the Total initial momentum.

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Total Initial Momentum = M1 × V1 + M2 × V2 Where, V1 = Velocity of Block1 V2 = Velocity of Block2 M1 = Mass of Block1(kg) M2 = Mass of Block2(kg)


Calculate the total initial momentum of a two-block systems with the masses of two blocks be 20 kg & 30 kg and their corresponding velocities be 10 m/s & 20 m/s.


Total Initial Momentum = 20 × 10 + 30 × 20
= 800 kg.m/s

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